Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook MarketingĀ is a service that is not to be confused with Social Media Management. By using Facebook's comparison marketing for finding potential clients, a precise targeting campaign is formed and researched to introduce people that are genuinely interested in the products or services your company offers.

All to often, small businesses have either been overwhelmed by Facebook's ad platform or the business has tried running paid ads on their own and not reaching the goals they had intended.

This isn't a service to get more likes, it is a service to insure the people that do like your online assets are engaged, committed and actual fans of what you do. The objective is to earn better results when promoting your business or project to people who really care.

Targeted Audiences

In this example we ran an ad for our client with a targeted audience of specific people. We used an identical budget and run time as the previous ad the client ran on their own.

The big difference is instead of using the Boost Post button (which casts a pretty wide net to almost anyone on Facebook) our targeted audience campaign went only to people interested in the subject of the individual post.

Simply put, when you find the right audience, the engagement is higher and your ad dollars are better spent.

Facebook Marketing